It is not enough to Simply be a Project Manager

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We manage tasks and activities, and those activities must be performed by

people, who must be led. It is not enough to simply be a Project Manager.

Why should you Attend:
On average it takes ten successful projects to make up for one really bad

project. If your projects are finishing late, if your teams turn over faster than

a freshman class in college, if your projects are losing money, then you need

to take this course.

Areas Covered in the Session:
How to meet the needs of the project
How to clarify expectations and get buy in
How to set the project up for success
How to use metrics and reports

Who Will Benefit:
Project Managers
Assistant Project Managers
Project Directors
Program Managers
Project Executives

Speaker Profile:
Heath Suddleson has more than 25 years managing projects in the design

and construction industry where he has led teams in managing billions of

dollars worth of projects. In these roles, Heath has served as the Contractor,

the Architect/Engineer, and even represented the Owner.

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