Agile Meets Software Standards, and We all Win

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Understanding TIR 45 can be the roadmap for improving development and

benefiting everyone, companies, development teams, caregivers, patients,

and regulators.

Why should you Attend:
Perhaps you're a development manager, hoping to improve both productivity

and quality. Or you are a quality assurance manager, facing a demand from

management and development to permit a move to Agile.

Areas Covered in the Session:
TIR 45 comes at a much needed time
TIR 45 stitches together the important high-level concepts
Implementation issues are not ignored
This TIR is actually just a starting point

Who Will Benefit:
Software Developers
Business Analysts
Requirements Analysts
Product Managers
Portfolio Managers

Speaker Profile:
Brian Shoemaker consults for healthcare products companies on computer

system validation, software quality assurance, and electronic records and

signatures. He has conducted validation both on product software and on
internal software, developed software quality systems, audited software

quality processes, and evaluated 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

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