International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology 2017 (ESTech 2017)

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Call For Papers

ESTech 2017 welcomes fundamental and industrial research on highly interesting aspects of:
​​Environmental :
Environmental dynamics
Atmospheric physics
Physical oceanography
Global environmental change and ecosystems management
Climate and climatic changes
Global warming
Ozone layer depletion
Carbon capture and storage
Integrated ecosystems management
Satellite applications in the environment

Computer Sciences and Engineering:
Information Technolgy:
Electronics and Electrical Technology:
Internet-based Education:
Civil Engineering
Mechanical ,Architectural Engineering
Economics and Finance Management.
Environmental Protection and Renewable Energy.
Electronics and Communication Engineering.
Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Automobile Engineering.
Chemical Engineering.
Apllied Sciences.

E-Services (Governance), Health, Education, Agriculture, Management, Business
Computer Algorithms and Optimization
Discrete and Continuous
Grid Computing, Cluster Computing, Distributed computing and simulations
Expert and Intelligent Systems
Software engineering
Distributed software development and virtual organizations
Open source software and software quality
Systematic Dynamics Modeling
Mobile Computing
Distributed, Mobile and open Architectures
Human Computer Interface
Health Informatics
High Performance Computing
Security and Forensics
Data analysis
Data Retrieval
Digitization, Multimedia and emerging technologies
Data VisualizationEnterprise Management
Information Management
Computational Linguistics,​