R and Data Manipulation: Big Data Application Workshop


R and Data Manipulation: Big Data Application, 5-6 Nov 2017, Adya Hotel, Langkawi

Speaker: Matthias Templ, PhD

WHAT IS R? open source; powerful and comprehensive platform for visualizing data, understanding and evaluating statistical models; programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics; ready to use for applications in data science, data analytics and for big data sets; participants expected to be able to use efficient R code and use R packages to perform data analytics after the workshop

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Lecturers, Researchers, Engineers, Students, Industry Professionals and Scientists of any discipline who wish to explore R and Big Data.

COURSE OUTLINE 1. vectorized computations 2. efficient and fast data manipulation with dplyr (and optionally data.table) 3. how to make your computations faster. A very basic introduction to profiling, Rcpp and parallel computing 4. some comments and issues when working with big data sets 5. data visualization using ggplot2