Civility at Work how Civility Increases Retention, Engagement and Profitability

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Overview: After the session, participants will

Have an understanding of how civility can build trust and build your bottom line.
Be able to use 3 key ingredients to embed civility into their work and life to communicate more effectively, build trust and encourage respect.
Be able to implement 5 best practices for fostering civility with your clients, community and in general.
Take-away sources and resources you can use immediately to build civility into your business.

Why should you Attend: Lateness, bullying, complacency, theft, gossiping, low service standards, dishonesty, poor quality, sloppy dress, cell phone interruptions the list of rude behaviours experienced in the workplace is endless. Left unchecked, incivility is like a virus that infects our workplaces. This interesting and relevant workshop assesses your current workplace situation, and offers solutions for stopping the incivility virus from spreading in your workplace.

After completing the Organizational Civility Scale, participants will engage in discussions and solutions-oriented activities towards:

Understanding what civility is exactly, and learning why they should care about it?
Identifying symptoms of viral rudeness in their workplaces
Recognizing if/how they as individuals contribute to a toxic workplace
Adopting behaviours that foster civility in the workplace

Do you need this workshop? Take the quick self-assessment below if you check off at least 3 symptoms incivility may be an issue in your workplace.

Persistent miscommunication; nonresponsive employees, misunderstandings, arguments, withholding of information, lack of effective internal and external communication strategies
Diminished employee morale; negative attitudes, lack of energy, poor engagement, lowered corporate confidence and measureable lack of accountability
Decreasing productivity; lateness, laziness, reduced quality and quantity of output,diminishing collaborative effort
Increased customer service complaints visible decrease in product and/or service standards
Growing gap in alignment between corporate goals and leaderships abilities lack of integrity and ethics
Inability for organization at one or more levels to adapt effectively to change
Growing cultural and communication barriers with/among employees and customers
Increased difficulty recruiting and hiring competent personnel
Inability to build and maintain capacity
Difficulty identifying and/or practicing core corporate values

Areas Covered in the Session:

Defining civility the cost as well as the consequences of incivility
Understanding the 3 main reasons people are not civil even when they know the risks
Best practices for fostering civility with your clients, coworkers and others

Who Will Benefit:

Human Resources
Business Owners

Lew Bayer A commitment to choosing civility and striving daily to practice what she preaches has made Lew Bayer an internationally recognized leader in her industry. For the past 14 years, Lew has lead the team at Civility Experts Worldwide- now 33 affiliates strong with representation in 12 countries- and earned the title of Canada’s leading expert on civility in the workplace.

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