What the Heck is GINA and why do I Need to Pay Attention to it?

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Overview: The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) prohibits entities from using information of a genetic nature in making employment decisions. Originally designed to cover insurance organizations it does have an impact on employers who gather medical information in relations to wellness programs and other health related situations. It even has an impact on noting that an employee is participating in a walk for some disease. Employer must be careful in how the interact with employees, doctors and the insurance companies. We will talk about who is covered and how you can safeguard the company from violations of this law.

Why should you Attend: GINA is one of the more recent anti-discrimination laws that has been passed in the United States. Many employers have wondered how this law could apply to their day-to-day operations. What this webinar will help an employer discover is how they are affected and the consequences on operations.

Areas Covered in the Session:

What Entities are covered
What Employees are covered
The Definition of "genetic information"
How you can be exposed to genetic information
The Prohibitions of using genetic information
Paperwork and notification requirements

Who Will Benefit:

HR Professionals
Office Managers
Company Owners of small businesses

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