Identity Theft Basics for the Workplace

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Cyber attacks on businesses are escalating at an alarming rate, and no business is safe. American businesses are losing millions of dollars mitigating attacks. Highly publicized attacks have involved theft of payroll information. When personal information such as a person's social security number is stolen, the information owner is at grave risk for identity theft. Millions of individuals become identity theft victims each year. Understanding the basics of identity theft will help you respond effectively to employees who fear their information has been compromised.
Areas Covered in the Session:

What is identity theft?
What are the different kinds of identity theft?
What personal information is valuable to identity thieves?
Why do identity thieves specifically target payroll records?
How do thieves use stolen information?
What is my company's risk if payroll records are compromised?
How should a company respond if payroll records are compromised?
What can be done to avoid identity theft in the workplace?

Who Will Benefit:

HR Personnel
Department Managers

Paula Pierce is an Austin, Texas attorney who provides legal services to identity theft victims. She previously founded a regional legal services program for victims of identity theft and financial fraud. She has authored numerous publications for victims of identity theft and for attorneys and is a frequent speaker on identity theft and financial fraud.

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