Memory Skills for Productivity

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My promise is to give the audience added confidence and productivity in remembering names, objects, lists

  • Discuss the history of Memory Skills (Mnemonics)
  • Describe interesting and humorous facts about the Brain and Memory
  • Show how to remember names through Active Listening, Name Manipulation
  • Face Distortion, and Association
  • Teach how to use Acronyms and Acrostics to remember a moderate amount of facts
  • Demonstrate how to link and remember 10 objects by telling a story
  • Teach how to remember multiple things by taking a journey through places you already know
  • Introduce a method for remembering a string of numbers up to 20
  • Show how to remember a list from-start-to-finish, and back again-as well as remembering any item in between

Why should you Attend: No matter how hard we try, our
memories will diminish with time. By the time someone reaches the age of
80, up to 20% of nerve cells will have expired. If you are a "Boomer"
or even Gen-X, it is important that you be prepared for the

My promise is to give the audience added confidence and productivity in remembering names, objects, lists, and numbers.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • How to remember names through Active Listening & Association
  • Does a Left-Handed or Right-Handed person have a better memory?
  • How to link objects for quick and easy recall
  • What is a Reminiscence Bump?
  • What does the acronym HOMES stand for?
  • How to remember 20 numbers in 5 minutes
  • What causes memory loss of the previous evening's events?
  • How to remember a list from-front-to-back, and in between, too
  • If your brain was Hard Drive Storage, how many GBs would it have?

Who Will Benefit:
  • Every person that is required to remember names, items, lists, numbers, and minutia in today's fast paced age of information

Jim Zalud has conducted seminars for
business and law enforcement personnel for the past 30 years. Some of
his topics include verbal, non-verbal, and body language interpretation skills.

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