ICAS2017- Fifth International Conference on Asian Studies 2017

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Professor N. S. Cooray, Ph.D.
Conference Chair –ICAS2017
Associate Dean and Professor
Graduate School of International Relations
International University of Japan

“Asian Dream –Global Prosperity: Challenges & Issues”

The Continent of Asia has recorded an unprecedented economic growth and performance during the last four decades, thus making a seismic and paradigm shift of global growth towards Asia. It is often being stated that the economic centre of gravity is inexorably moving towards Asia from the conventional and traditional growth centres of North America and Europe.

Development and growth centres of the world have been changing drastically during the last several centuries. The 21st century is often described nowadays as the “Asian Century” in the same way as the 20th and 19th centuries were described as the “American Century” and the “British Century” respectively.

Today, Asia is home to approximately 60 per cent of the global population. The share of GDP of Asia vis-a-vis global GDP is 25 per cent and is envisaged to rise to over 50 per cent by the middle of the 21st Century. Today, Asia comprises the second and the third largest economies, in terms of nominal GDP, in the world. Today, majority of the Newly Industrialized Economies [NIEs] is in Asia. The 3G countries, which denote Global Growth Generators, formulated by the Citi Group consist of nine Asian countries out of a total of eleven countries, thus convincingly mirroring the growth potential of Asia.

The “Next -11” countries, formulated by the Goldman Sachs, consists of seven Asian countries out of a total of eleven countries. It is conjectured that the Next-11 would substitute the BRICs countries of the world in the 21st century as the most rapidly growing and most promising economies.

Further, the Asia in the 21st Century would be a key player and lever in navigating and in forging the global landscape, her role in the world in terms of global governance and in the province of economics, commerce, diplomacy, security and politics, would demand a significant degree of transformation and transmogrification.

There are key questions. How Asia of the 21st century would be a key player in the global landscape and an important lever in its building and navigating? What are the grand dynamics that determine the accumulation and distribution of capital or wealth? How about the long-term evolution of inequality patterns and the concentration of wealth would shape Asian Century?

Key Benefits for Participants

• Enhance your knowledge on development challenges in the 21st century.

• Deepen awareness of Asian perspectives and approaches for developmental needs of the present context.

• Opportunity to clarify your concerns with panel of academic experts and development consultants.

• Opportunity to meet renowned diplomats and board of academic experts and researchers.

• Recognition of your work on international platform as a participant or paper/poster presenter.

• All accepted abstract/full papers will be published in the conference proceedings both print and online version.

• Identify your future collaborative partner among international, vibrant and scholarly audience.

Publication of Papers

The best papers of the registered participants will be published in the Asian International Journal ISSN 2279-1949 (Online) and all the other papers will be published as conference proceedings with a Canadian ISBN number.

Contributors are invited in the areas including but not limited to:

Economics, Management, Business, Language and Culture, Political Economy, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Science and Technology, Marketing, International Relations and Politics, Public Policy, Peace and Security, Governance and Development, Cross-Cultural Communication

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Conference Convener ( Prabhath Patabendi )
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When 17 June 2017
Where Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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